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Whether you're suffering from chronic back pain or facing an issue with your joint mobility, get in touch with Access Chiropractic. From chiropractic treatment and physical therapy to a rejuvenating massage, we can help you enhance your mental and physical well-being.

“Highly recommend Dr. Huggins. He's helped me a lot so I can keep playing basketball and has really helped with mobility for Crossfit. It makes a big difference having a doc that is an athlete too!”

- Chad Cohle


“Dr. Alex Huggins did an excellent job helping tune up my body for a marathon I ran in December. He understands how working out and living an active lifestyle can throw a body out of whack, and rather than tell you to stop the physical activity, he helps prevent problems from happening in the first place so I can keep on moving! Friendly, and pays attention to my individual needs. Highly recommend!”

- Wade Swikle


“I can't thank Dr. Huggins enough for how much he has helped me with the pains that ail me! I've dealt with neck, shoulder and back pain for years and Dr. Huggins has been able to get me back to a place of painless sitting and enabled me to enjoy my new-found hobby of furniture building PAIN FREE!!!! He goes out his way to make sure you are on the road to wellness no matter what! I've been to many chiropractors in my time...and he is one of the very best. Thank you, Dr. Huggins, for caring about my health as much as I do!”

- Missy Walker-Jones

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